Dear Parents / Carers,

Please check before submitting a waiting list application form that you are applying to the correct Barton. There are Bartons across the country, each with their own scout groups; we are the one in Richmondshire, North Yorkshire.

1st Barton Scout Group is a highly successful and popular Scout Group, of which we’re sure you are already aware. Because of our popularity, motivation and enthusiasm the group is usually full to capacity. Spaces for new young people within the Explorer (14-18yrs), Scout (10-14yrs) and Cub (8-10yrs) sections very rarely come up and it is fair for us to say that the only way into our Scout Group at present is via the Beaver Section (6-8 yrs) and since 2023 Squirrels (4-6).

The Beaver and Squirrel sections operate a waiting list and we endeavour to accommodate all of the children on this list. However, demand over recent years has often mean that where children are added to the waiting list just a few months before Squirrels/Beavers, they are not top of the list to get a place when they reach the entry age for those sections. On that basis we would strongly suggest getting onto the waiting list at the earliest opportunity.

Where there are insufficient places for young people in a given section we will apply the following criteria in this order:

  1. The young person is already a member of 1st Barton Scout Group, and is moving up from the section below (i.e. Beavers to Cubs or Cubs to Scouts).
  2. A parent or other adult family member volunteers in one of the following roles at 1st Barton: Section Leader, Assistant Leader or Section Assistant.
  3. The young person is already a member of The Scout Association at a Group outside Richmondshire District and has recently moved house to an area within the District.
  4. The young person has a sibling who is already a member of 1st Barton.
  5. If allocated a place, the young person will have at least one year within the Section being joined before reaching the age of moving up to the next Section
  6. After all of the above have been taken into account, the amount of time spent on the waiting list will be considered as a factor.

If you would like to add your child to the waiting list, please complete the form below.

If you wish to check that your child is on the waiting list or would like to amend or cancel a place then please contact: [email protected]

Please click here to complete our waiting list form and add a child to the waiting list.