Here is our plan for this term. Meetings are in Barton village hall from 6.00-7.15 with uniform unless otherwise stated. It’ll be dark and wintry by the end of term so make sure your child has a coat & gets into the habit of remembering to bring it home. No jeans ever!!

It’s a busy term with Gang Show rehearsals. We know it’s a lot for the Beavers but they get so much out of it and promise you will be so proud when you see them up on stage.

We have a good stock of walking boots – if your child has grown out of theirs please donate them & see if we have the next size for a swap. We currently have loads of size 2. 

Please let us know if your child can’t make Beavers. The programme is available on OSM & we appreciate help from parent volunteers.

We’re all busy with family & work and this is a voluntary role so thank you for your patience at busy times!

Many thanks for your support,

Jon, Catherine & all the fab Barton team

15.09.22Commemorating our Queen 
22.09.22Badge workShoebox if possible. Gift for a charity donation, e.g.shampoo
29.09.22Gang Show rehearsal 
6.10.22Leaf manOutdoors in Barton – COAT needed
13.10.22Builder badge  
20.10.22Gang Show rehearsal 
03.11.22Gang show week 
10.11.22Week off – NO BEAVERSNO BEAVERS
17.11.22Healthy eating 
24.11.22Indoor archery 
01.12.22Christmas crafts 
08.12.22Night Hike in Richmond visit skillsRichmond, details to follow
15.12.22Christmas Party!A small contribution of party food