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The core age for the cub section is 8 to 10 and-a-half years old. This is the first section in Scouting where you can camp under canvas without your parents! Cubs will also prepare you for the bigger challenge of Scouts.

The "New" Site

2020-09-15 07:53:27 gavinions

It’s not really all that new to us now, but there are new children and parents in the group who have never been to the “New” Site, so here are some useful directions.

  1. Head to Melsonby.
  2. Turn north out of the village past the post box and phone box.
  3. As you head down the hill you will pass a turn on your left; don’t go down that one
  4. The next left – which is an entrance to a field – is the correct turn.
  5. Drive all the way down the track edge of the field.

There is room to turn in the field at the end. Please do not stop or turn around as soon as you turn off the road. This creates traffic on a pretty quick section of road between Melsonby and Aldbrough.

Here’s a Google Maps pin:

Here’s a grid reference because we are scouts: NZ 197093

No postcode because it’s a field!

Here’s a map I drew.

If you get really stuck, the phone signal is pretty good in the field, so give us a call.

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2019-05-14 21:20:25 gavinions


IT’s not exactly 3 times the work for me to make 3 posts, but I’m saving a little time on my scouting admin tasks by publishing all the section summer term programmes on one post.

Here they are:

Beavers summer term 2019 programme

Cubs summer term 2019 programme

Scouts summer term 2019 programme

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Camping Field Location

2019-04-05 13:38:31 gavinions

So, you want to find your way to the field and woods just outside Melsonby that we have access to? Well, you’re in the right place.

It’s really not that hard to find, but we’ve drawn a map to help you.

If you head into Melsonby from Barton/A1 you will come to the crossroads where you need to turn right towards Aldbrough.

After you leave the village you will pass a road on your left which is definitely not the one you want.

The second track, which could be mistaken for a field entrance, is where you turn in. The best landmark to look out for is the ginormous pile of poo just inside the gate. Don’t say we don’t take you to see all the best tourist attractions.

Do not drop your children at the side of the road. Once you are through the gate do not stop. Continue down the track to the car park at the end of the lane. There will be room there for you to turn and get back out down the track.

Here is the map which shows where we are.

We are going to be using this location a lot more as the summer term progresses, so I will leave this map here for reference, but I’m sure you’ll have it sorted after the first trip.

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Cub Winter Camp - 2018 - Thornthwaite

2018-11-06 09:12:32 gavinions

Guess what. It’s time for Cub Winter camp and this year the theme will be CHRISTMAS! “Why Christmas?”, I hear you ask. Well, it’s simple; why wouldn’t you have a Christmas theme when there are already 7 doors of your advent calendar open, and you’ve finished your third box of mince pies.

The camp will run from Friday 7th December to Sunday 9th December at

Thornthwaite Activity Centre.

Dacre Pasture Ln, Harrogate HG3 4AQ

01423 780197

If you want to come along, you’ll find more info and a booking form right here:

cubs winter camp 2018 form

Remember, as Bob Marley sang, No Money, No Camp.

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Cubs Autumn Term Programme 2018

2018-09-03 08:47:36 gavinions

We’re back, and we’re back TONIGHT! Don’t miss it, and don’t miss any of the other stuff on this term’s programme.

Cubs Autumn Term Programme 2018

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