Duke of Edinburgh Award

In order to complete your Duke of Edinburgh award you must be 14 years of age or be turning 14 in academic year that you complete your award. So for expeditions that happen up to autumn 2020, you must be 14 before September 1st 2020.

There are 4 sections to the Bronze DofE:

Volunteering – Undertaking service to individuals or the community

Physical – Improving a sport, dance or fitness activity

Skill – Developing practical/social skills and personal interests

Expedition – Planning/Training for and completing an adventurous journey

To complete the volunteering, Physical and Skill sections you must participate in your chosen activity for 3 months. You must also undertake a further 3 months in one of these sections, you can decide which one.

To complete your Expedition section you must complete a two day one night expedition. Our expedition area is selected as Swaledale for the bronze expeditions, Map OL30 and OS304. The expedition must be self-sufficient, with remote supervision from leaders. The majority of participants enjoy this section the mostWith your team you’ll plan an aim for your expedition, decide on your location and do lots of fun training to make sure you’re fully prepared and know what you’re doing! Once you’ve completed your final expedition, you’ll give a presentation about your experiences and your achievements to your fellow explorers/scouts, leaders and parents. Dates for these expeditions are to be confirmed.

The cost to register for your Bronze DofE is £22. This cost covers DofE administration fees. Please post the registration form along with a cheque payable toNYCSC directly to the County Scout Office. (address on registration form)

Once you are signed up there will be an additional payment of £40 required to cover the cost of equipment, campsite fees for your expeditions and food for your practice expedition. We will send out permission forms closer to the time and will let you know when we need this payment.

The first form can be found here, but we’d ask that you hold off from submitting it until we know we have a DofE team for this year. We’ll be talking to eligible scouts/explorers about this during this term: dofescoutenrolmentform2019-20-2.doc

Any questions please get in touch.


Sam Brookes

DofE Leader



Duke of Edinburgh Award - Coronavirus Adjustments

2020-04-28 09:23:16 gavinions

Hope you are all well at this difficult and challenging time. 

We’re determined that young people shouldn’t miss out on doing their DofE because of the coronavirus outbreak – and we want to do everything we can to support you so your participants can keep doing theirs, at what we know is a really challenging time.

To help with this, we’re introducing some temporary changes to DofE programme requirements. Please see more detail on this below.

We hope working towards their Award will give young people vital focus, motivation and positivity during the lockdown – and that their capacity and enthusiasm for helping others through volunteering could be a huge force for good at a time when it’s needed most.

Temporary programme changes

Participants can now volunteer for family members, for example by mentoring or coaching younger siblings.

Participants can now change section activities more than once. Time spent on previous activities will still count towards completion.

DofE staff members may be able to act as Volunteering, Physical and Skills section Assessors, if required.

To protect the value and integrity of DofE Awards, other requirements will remain the same. However, we’re continuing to look for ways we can be flexible to support you and young people at this time, and will update you if we introduce any further temporary changes. The expedition section will be resumed when we know further information. 

Any further questions do not hesitate to contact me. 

Cheers Sam


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Duke of Edinburgh 2015 Dates

2015-01-18 08:43:15 gavinions

Here are some dates you will need for 2015:

Bronze Duke Of Edinburgh

Provisional dates:

Saturday 7th- Sunday 8th March -Practice/Training weekend

Saturday 25th-Sunday 26th April- Qualifying Expedition

The Bronze D of E scheme is available to everyone in explorers, we ask for a total payment of £60 to cover your registration, D of E pack, use of equipment and campsite fees for both weekends. Please make cheques payable to Half Moon Explorers.

Silver Duke Of Edinburgh

Here are the proposed dates for training and the expedition itself; due to the alternative mode of transport we require extra dates to train you.

Saturday 28th February- Training
Saturday 21st March- Training
Saturday 18th –Sunday 19th April – Training

Saturday 2nd-Monday 4th May- Expedition

You can download this as a special cut-out-and-keep PDF right here.

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