We’re in North Yorkshire!

Before you give us a call or drop us an email, have you checked that we are the Barton Scout Group you are looking for?  We are based in North Yorkshire, and while we know of Barton groups in Hull, Oxfordshire and Staffordshire we have no reliable line of contact to them.

We have a group e-mail address that is checked at least once a day. This is an excellent way to get in contact with us because there is far less chance of us not writing something down and forgetting to do something. The e-mail address you need is: You can also contact the following people by phone:


Catherine Millar: 07786 955116‬


Christine Chilton: 07799 707677

Scouts/GSL (Acting)

Gavin Ions: 07977 550060


Sam Brookes: 07583 896266

Postal Address

Gavin Ions

4 Arkendale Street