Gang Show – Final Countdown

Thank you everyone for your support and hard work so far.  I hope the details below answer any questions you may have but if not please get in touch.

Remaining rehearsals:

Saturday/Sunday 17th/18th October 9am to 4pm both days for all sections.

Thursday 29th October 6pm to 8pm. This is particularly important for those who have speaking parts, especially those who have not managed to attend weekend rehearsals.

Sunday 1st November: Full run through. 1pm until 5pm or until we get it right. We will run through the show from start to finish. We really need to get started on time so please arrive ready to get going at 1pm

Monday 2nd November: Dress rehearsal. 6pm to 8.30pm…….or until we get it right!

Costumes: We are providing most of the costumes which so far have cost us nearly £1000. Please make sure you have a pair of plain black trousers, a plain, long sleeved black top, black socks and black pumps. Please bring them on Saturday 17th October in a named bag. Please make sure all items are named.

Everyone also needs a Hallowe’en type costume which hopefully shouldn’t cause too many problems given the time of year! Please avoid elaborate masks and accessories as these could hinder the dancing.

Cubs and Scouts also need wellies and a plain, coloured T shirt.

Scouts also a flat cap if at all possible for Farmer Bill’s Cowman.

Performances: Weekday performances start at 7pm. Saturday performances start at 2pm and Please be at the hall half an hour before the show starts. There will be leaders/ helpers upstairs to look after the children so we respectfully ask parents not to go upstairs with children but to leave them at the door. It will be very crowded up there! Ditto at the end, please wait outside and we will bring the children to you.

Raffle: We will be holding a raffle at each performance so any donations of raffle prizes will be very much appreciated. The proceeds will go to The Stroke Association in Malcolm’s memory.

Crowd control: Please get in touch if you can help supervise upstairs.

Tickets: Not ordered yours yet? Don’t miss out! The number is 01325 281564.

A downloadable version of this info is here: Gang Show the final countdown 2015

Gang Show Rehearsal Updates

Hi folks

Due to some patchy turnout before the summer we needed to change around the rehearsal schedule to fill in some gaps.  We had our first rearranged weekend on September 12th and 13th and turnout was a lot better, but please check the revised schedule to make sure you are in the right place at the right time.

Day Date Time for all sections  
Saturday 12th September 2pm to 5pm  
Sunday 13th September 2pm to 5pm  
Saturday 3rd October 9am to 4pm  
Sunday 4th October 9am to 4pm  
Saturday 17th October 9am to 2pm  
Sunday 18th October 9am to 2pm  
Thursday 29th October 6pm to 8pm  
Sunday 1st November 2pm  
Sunday 1st November 1pm to 5pm Full dress rehearsal.
Monday 2nd November 6pm to 8pm Run through. No costumes.

And don’t forget to book your tickets!


Rehearsal update Sept 2015