Extra! Extra! The Bungle is BACK

It’s been a while since we had enough photos of Beaver, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers doing real things that weren’t on Zoom, but now we have been back to face-to-face scouting for a while, it seems like the right time to update you with a new Bungle.

This is not my work, but I haven’t checked whether the lovely person responsible wants to remain anonymous, so I won’t name them here, but thank you mystery parent 🙂


Bungle – Issue 62

A litte bit of jiggery-pokery has been needed to bring you this issue, which is why it a) looks different from your print version and; b) is being released online a few weeks afterwards.  Hopefully our Microsoft Publisher issues will be ironed out by the next issue.

On that note, if you happen to know a way to covert Publisher files into a more universally acceptable format, we’d be glass to hear from you.

Here is issue 62 of the Barton Bungle.