Scouts Programme – Winter 2020 Term

Happy New Year.

I am willing to bet that you landed here looking for the programme for the term ahead. As ever this will not be available until a couple of weeks into the term. The reason behind this is that we let the scouts have their say at the start of term so they can let us know what they enjoyed (and didn’t enjoy) about last term and what they would like to do in the term ahead.

We’ll talk to the scouts tonight (9th January) and then the leaders will have a meeting to work out what needs to happen to make all their scouting dreams come true. Well..some of them. They wanted us to do scuba diving in village hall last term!

We may not send out a paper copy of the programme this term, so check back here for full details as soon as they become available.

Until you get an updated programme, assume we are in the hall at the usual time and in uniform.

Drop us a text or an email if you can’t make it.