Scouts – Ice Skating Next Week

Hey scouts, the programme says we are going ice scaling next week, so we should probably go ice skating next week, eh?

Here’s the info in table form:

When Thursday 30th November
Where Billingham Forum – TS23 2LJ
Time Arrive between 19:00 and 19:15 so we can collect your money
Money? Yes, it’s £7.00 cash on the day.  Please bring the correct money in a named envelope. We have to collect cash for 30 people and hand it in.  We will not have time to get individual change.

If you want a locker for any of your own stuff then you will need a pound.  If you want a drink from the vending machine then you will need some change.  Leaders will not be responsible for providing change or looking after money.

Finish time We’ll aim to have everyone off the ice and delivered back to reception by 21:00
Can I skate too? It’s a public skating session, so feel free to pay your money and join us.  We can get you in as part of our group discount.

If not, you can watch us all fall over.

Special kit NO UNIFORM! A second pair of socks to make the skates “comfortable”.  Gloves are a good idea in case you spend some time falling over.

If you want that in downloadable form, well…

Skating November 2017

And the form I keep mentioning?

Ice Skating 2017 Medical Form