Scout Winter Term Programme 2017

If you’re an avid reader of the Bungle pages (or the beaver and explorer pages for that matter) you’ll know we’re late getting this out digitally.  Hopefully up to now you’ve had your trust paper copy to hand.  This week: BIRD HO– USES!

This programme is based on things the scouts have asked to do this term.  We looked at the things they need to do to get the badges they want to achieve and this programme is their way of getting a start on some of them.  There’s not much chance to finish off badges (some of which require 6 hours work or more) in the space of a single evening, so there is likely to be some more work for the scouts to do at home.

Badge requirements can be found here:,64,781,64,779,64,780

And you can find out where they belong here:,64,176

You will find that there are badges that cover most hobbies that scouts do when they’re not with us.  Most of the time we just need to see a certificate or note from a teacher/instructor to give out the equivalent scout badge. Send them in!

The programme is here.

Winter Term 2017 – Scouts