Scouts – Scuba Diving

On 4th February we have Heather from North Yorkshire Pleasure Divers coming down to give us an intro to scuba diving.  This is a briefing that leads on to a further pool based session giving the scouts a basic PADI qualification in scuba diving.

For those who want to attend the follow on pool sessions, they will take place on Monday evenings in February at Catterick leisure centre.  The cost is £20 per person however the group are willing to cover the whole cost for anyone who wishes to take part.

If you do want to take part, it is essential that you are at scouts on Thursday 4th February.  At that session you will be given a medical/consent form to sign.  If you suffer from asthma the form will need to be signed by your GP.  This is not optional, and the external instructors will not allow you to take part without this medical consent.

The Monday sessions have 10 spaces each and we will try to assign places based on your preference, however you may not get your first choice.  Please use the form below to indicate your order of preference for the Monday sessions.  This form should be returned by February 4th or we will assume you do not wish to take part and we will cancel your place.

It is worth noting that if you have a cold on your allocated night you will not be permitted to dive and may be moved to a later night.

If you have any questions please contact one of the leaders using the contact details on our the contact page.

The return slip is on the back of the winter term programme which can be found here: Scouts Winter Term 2016 Programme

Scout Winter Term Programme 2016

The scouts have now planned their programme.  It’s attached as a download to this page.

Winter Term Programme

The scouts have now had their say and we have put together a programme based on their requests.  I’ll be honest, it’s ambitious, and it means us being out of the hall quite a bit this term doing adventurous stuff.  We haven’t managed to book all the external activities yet, so be prepared for changes of venue or date.  We’ll text you with these, so make sure we have an up-to-date number for you.

Date Programme Venue Notes
7th January Troop Forum The Hall
14th January Quiz Night The Hall
21st January Maps The Hall
28th January Navigation The Hall
4th February Intro to Scuba The Hall
11th February Siege Night The Hall
25th February Ice Skating Billingham Times and costs TBC
3rd March Kiplin Kiplin Hall No uniform. Wear waterproofs
10th March Climbing Aycliffe Times and costs TBC
17th March Making films The Hall If you have a video camera or phone that you can use on the night and we can download the footage from on the night, bring it along
24th March Easter Egg Hunt Kiplin Hall No uniform. Wear waterproofs

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Winter Term 2016 – Scouts

Scouts Winter Camp 2016

You’d normally expect us to do things in a certain order when it comes to camps each year – winter camp, spring patrol camps, summer camp, you get the idea – but 2016 is a bit different.  Bookings are already in for summer camp 2016 because we needed to get things sorted and get a booking in place for Marra 2016 by the end of February.  All the activities for that camp are run by Northumbria scouts so we couldn’t leave it to the last minute to sort out.

Winter camp is all our own work this year.  Last year we went to Wintercamp at Hawkhirst and endured flooding, rain, 50mph winds, snow and sub-zero temperatures.  We needed a break from that sort of thing.  This year we’ll be revisiting an old favourite location when we return to Gibside Stables to do some indoor camping and outdoor adventuring.

If you want to join us, the forms went out on Thursday 7th January 2016, but a copy is linked below if you need a replacement.

Winter Camp 2016 – Invitation and Booking

Scout Programme – Winter 2016

Happy New Year

You’ll be used to getting a programme at this point in the term, but this term is a bit different.  We’re letting the scouts use their first week back to plan what they want to do for the rest of the term.  That means the programme will come out at a later date.  Until then you can assume that we will be at the hall at the usual time in uniform with a coat.  I don’t care how short the walk from your door to the car and the car to the hall; It’s winter and you need a coat for some of our activities.

Now, on with the stuff you need to know.

  1. Subs: £25 per term.  Due the first week back each term, so that was this week, unless you are reading this later.  Either way, PAY UP!
  2. Uniform: It’s uniform every week unless we specifically tell you it isn’t.  Uniform includes navy blue activity trousers.  These don’t have to be the official Scout Association ones.  Any old blue outdoor type, activity trousers will do.  They are also great for other scouting activities.  Jeans are never allowed.  Your choice of footwear should be appropriate for activities that are likely to take you outdoors without much notice.  We strongly recommend that Ugg boots (or similar) are not worn to Scouts.  Similarly Crocs aren’t great scouting footwear.  Both those footwear brands and their many imitators tend to perform very poorly in bad weather and wet grass and are definitely not suitable for a night of running around. Trainers are great, but maybe avoid your best ones.
  3. Kiplin: DON’T DROP CHILDREN ON THE DANGEROUS BUSY ROAD OUTSIDE THE GATES.  Please drive into the field but drive and park responsibly.

Some things that are coming up:

  • Winter Camp at Gibside Stables, 26th-28th February.  There is a separate letter with info about this.
  • The Brass Monkey hiking competition will be running on Saturday February 13th, again, separate letters will be available about this.

Here is a downloadable copy of this letter if you’re a huge fan of it!

Scouts winter term 2016 programme