An Egg-citing Night


There is something about playing with eggs that bring out the puns. Last night the scouts had 10 minutes to plan a bridge constructed from tape, straws and paper. Then there was a 25 minutes build with a twist: they … Continue reading

New Headers

I have spent a couple of hours hand-making new headers for the site.  They’re randomly generated from a pool of 14, so keep refreshing to see if you are featured.

Gang Show Rehearsal Updates

Hi folks

Due to some patchy turnout before the summer we needed to change around the rehearsal schedule to fill in some gaps.  We had our first rearranged weekend on September 12th and 13th and turnout was a lot better, but please check the revised schedule to make sure you are in the right place at the right time.

Day Date Time for all sections  
Saturday 12th September 2pm to 5pm  
Sunday 13th September 2pm to 5pm  
Saturday 3rd October 9am to 4pm  
Sunday 4th October 9am to 4pm  
Saturday 17th October 9am to 2pm  
Sunday 18th October 9am to 2pm  
Thursday 29th October 6pm to 8pm  
Sunday 1st November 2pm  
Sunday 1st November 1pm to 5pm Full dress rehearsal.
Monday 2nd November 6pm to 8pm Run through. No costumes.

And don’t forget to book your tickets!


Rehearsal update Sept 2015

New Hosting

In the least interesting news you’ve ever read on this site we have moved host.  The process of doing this has broken some links and uploaded files.  If you spot any then please let me know.  In fact if you want to spend ages combing the site for broken links and feeding this back to me in a nicely formatted spreadsheet then I will be a very happy man.