Scouts – Bell Boating Change of Venue AND Time

***UPDATE 08/06/2014***

Scouts will start earlier this week.  Please be at Ellerton ready to start at 19:00.  We will be finished by 20:30.  Apologies for the short notice on the time change.  Our access to the water is restricted by the land owner.


Bell Boating – 12th June

Next week’s programme is bell boating. The programme says that we will be at Gilling West, but we will not be at Gilling West, we will be at Ellerton Lake (on the way to Kiplin) between the normal scout start an finish times. We hope to do a bit of rafting too!

You must do the following or you will not take part:

  • Arrive in clothing that you are willing to get wet including footwear to get wet in. Crocs, wellingtons, flip-flops and hiking boots are prohibited. We recommend old trainers. Also, no jeans as normal.
  • Bring a complete change of clothes. Everything, including shoes. You may get wet and cold early on and want to get changed well before the end.
  • Bring a towel.
  • Bring waterproofs in case you do get dry and don’t want to get wet again.
  • Bring a fleece to keep you warm when you are not on the water.

See you there. Remember we will be at Ellerton.