Scouts Patrol Camps 2014

Each year the scouts get together in their patrols and plan a one-night camp which they run themselves.  They plan the timings, menu and the gear that they need and all the leaders do is go and get the shopping and collect the equipment from the stores.

The camps run over a few weekends from April to June and this has meant that the people who get earlier camps tend to get more unpleasant weather.  In a bid to randomise things a bit we throw all the patrol names in a hat (a literal hat) and draw them out one at a time to make things fair.  This video is the result of this year’s draw.

In other news, that beard has gone.  More or less.

Scout Programme – Summer 2014

There’s not a great deal of indoor stuff to be done this term.  In fact I think the only indoor stuff we’re doing this term is planning outdoors stuff.

Alongside the ordinary programme there is the chance for scouts to take part in a one-night patrol camp that they will plan and run themselves.

At the end of term we will also have the chance to head off to Dilston Scout Camp for 5 nights away.  While we are there we are hoping to be able to do the Lookwide Walk where you will qualify for a badge and certificate for walking to the site of the first proper scout camp in 1908.  We’ll also do some mucking about in the stream and probably have a walk in to Hexham for the afternoon.  Sounds idyllic, eh?

Forms for all our additional activities will be issued throughout the term, so look out for them in the following places:

  1. In the pocket of your scout’s shirt
  2. In the footwell of the car
  3. On the path outside the village hall
  4. On this website
  5. On the websites of other scout groups who like to recycle our material.  (Hiya other-scout-groups-who-like-to-recycle-our-material!)

We’re away from the hall a lot this term so please check out the 2014 summer term programme for full details on locations and kit.

Bungle – Issue 62

A litte bit of jiggery-pokery has been needed to bring you this issue, which is why it a) looks different from your print version and; b) is being released online a few weeks afterwards.  Hopefully our Microsoft Publisher issues will be ironed out by the next issue.

On that note, if you happen to know a way to covert Publisher files into a more universally acceptable format, we’d be glass to hear from you.

Here is issue 62 of the Barton Bungle.