Scout Summer Camp – Venue Revealed

I promised on Thursday that at some point over the easter break I would post some info on Scout Summer Camp 2013.  Here it is!

Yesterday we went on a site visit to Moor House to take a look at a place for a pitch and to talk about our activity options, and I’m happy to report that after a meeting and walkabout with the very helpful Stu, we have booked for a pitch from Saturday 27th July to Thursday 1st August.  This is (almost) the pitch.  It’s actually on the other side of those trees.

Moor House Camp Pitch

There’s tons of stuff to do:

Moor House Camp Fire CircleMoor House Camp Fire CircleMoor House TrackMoor House Climbing TowerMoor House TomahawksSo there’ll definitely be tomahawks thrown, walls climbed, skills scouted, frisbees golfed and tons of other activities.  We’ll be squeezing in more than ever before to our annual week in a field, so I hope you want to join us.  The more there are, the better it gets.

Forms will go out after easter to give you plenty of time to hang onto them until the last possible minute.

Looking forward to seeing you there.


Explorer Winter Camp

The Explorers are heading to Gibside for a bit of winter camping.  If you’re an OLDER scout you should have received a text invitation to go along and join them.  They’re lovely really, and you’ll remember some of them from when they were scouts along with you.

So if you fancy it, here is the information you need to know.

And here is the form that you need to get to us ASAP.  An email with the form attached will be fine for the time being.

Cub Winter Camp 2013 ***CANCELLED***

Due to the adverse weather conditions in North Yorkshire and a poor weather forecast for the remainder of the weekend, the decision has been taken to cancel Cub Winter Camp 2013. The weather conditions are not conducive to spending long days outdoors and the remote nature of Thornthwaite Activity Centre would make the approach and exit difficult and dangerous for parents dropping off and picking up the children.

Apologies for the short notice on this one. More info will follow…

…and a partridge in a pear tree. (Scouts Music Night Part 2)

Last night we had part 2 of our music night (as advertised below) and, despite some crafty scouts deliberately not inviting their parents to see their performance, a healthy crowd turned out to see: 4 keyboardists keyboarding, 3 drummers drumming, 2 ukuleleisrt ukuleleing, 1 guitarists guitaring and a flautist in a pear tree.

It was loud, it was quiet and it was surprising (The Ace of Spades…The Ace of Spades…) but most of all it was rewarding and all those people involved will have their records updated and next-stage musicians badges issued as soon as we can get hold of them.

Many thanks to all the performers and to the parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters and great aunties that turned up to see what we do.

We might even charge on the door next time.

Scouts Music Night (Part 2)

Before half term the scouts held a music night where they brought along their musical instruments. It didn’t matter whether they had been playing for 5 years, 5 months or in some cases 5 minutes, anyone who turned up with an instrument had a go.

As part of the staged musicians badges the scouts must perform either in front of other scouts or at a public performance. We thought it might be fun to show off some of our instrumental skills at a public performance, so we would like to invite all scout parents and siblings along to the village hall at 8:15pm on Thursday 21st March 2013 to see some of the musical talent we have amongst us.

In order for us to make sure we have enough chairs available can you drop us a line by email or text in advance to let us know if you are coming and how many of you there are.

Looking forward to seeing you there.


The New Website

I’ve been up since 3:30 this morning.  I just woke up and thought I’d take a look and see if the website was OK.  It wasn’t.  I’d made a couple of small changes yesterday which hadn’t taken effect in the wider world until some time between me nodding off with a book over my face and the time I woke up needing my middle-of-the-night toilet trip.

The new website was a blank canvas which was a scary consideration when the old one was so full of our recent history.  The fact was that a site with that much going on needed to be built on recent technology that allowed us to adapt but it didn’t; it was hand coded the 1998 way by a comparative dinosaur in the design world.

So here is the new look.  Over the coming weeks, months and years the leaders of the scout group will get logins to be able to create their own content which might bring a bit of variety to these pages.  Maybe not.  Maybe it will just be me again.  Either way, please feel free to drop one or all of us a line with comments or suggestions about the site and we’ll see how it develops.

I have taken the time to move the Bungle archive over but I have left the old section programmes to die in our old webspace.  They didn’t seem to be much use to anyone.